Freelancing Course

All-in-One Starter Course for Newbies.
This course is for those with little to no background in freelancing. This should be your first course. 

Applying your knowledge from the course will allow you to...

Work and earn anywhere with flexible work schedule.
Be with your family and enjoy every milestone.
Pursue your passion without compromising your source of income.
Avoid the stress caused by traffic and office politics.
Less expenses, bigger savings!

What will you get from the Course?

20 intensive lessons
Weekly group live coaching sessions
24/7 access to the video lessons
Application assignments that you can use as portfolios
Certificate of completion recognized globally
Apprenticeship program available for those who have completed the course

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Lesson 1: Virtual Assistance Basics
Lesson 2: Virtual Assistance Branding Set up
Lesson 3: Virtual Assistance Applications
Lesson 4: Virtual Assistance Payment Setup
Lesson 5: General Virtual Assistance Tasks
Lesson 6: Social Media Basics
Lesson 7: Social Media Accounts Creation and Optimization
Lesson 8: Social Media Content Planning and Creation
Lesson 9: Scheduling and Posting Social Media Content
Lesson 10: Organic Social Media Marketing
Lesson 11: Simple Website Creation, Optimization & Mgt
Lesson 12: Online Writing and Marketing
Lesson 13: SEO Basics and Setup
Lesson 14: SEO On-Page Optimization
Lesson 15: SEO Off-Page Optimization (Backlinking)
Lesson 16: Lead Generation
Lesson 17: Basic Facebook Ads
Lesson 18: YouTube Optimization
Lesson 19: Basic Email Marketing
Lesson 20: Building your Freelancing Empire


The course has 20 pre-recorded online lessons in total. You will work on these lessons and assignments for 1 month. You will send me your assignments and I will let you know what to improve. There are group live coaching sessions every Wednesday, 8-9 PM. This is also recorded in case you cannot attend. You will have 1-year access to the lessons.



What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a person who provides various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location. There are a host of things that virtual assistants can do, including Social media management, managing calendars, appointments, and emails, preparing reports, personal tasks like booking hotels and restaurants, simple digital marketing tasks, and more. In short, you're like a personal secretary working for a client from overseas.

Do I need a laptop?

Using a computer is recommended because you will have application assignments all throughout the course. I have students who work on their lessons and assignments in internet cafes and computer shops or borrow a laptop from friends or family members until they get clients. By then, they will have the money to get their own laptop.

I'm a newbie. What course should I take?

I recommend taking the Freelancing Course. This course is specially designed for newbies. You will be coached how to set up your Freelancing profiles and accounts and will learn the basic skills needed to start working online. :) The Social Media Course is a supplement. I would recommend taking this after completing the Freelancing Course.

Can I take both courses at the same time?

I recommend starting with the Freelancing Course first so we can set up your freelancing accounts and decide on your branding. Then you are free to take the Social Media course the following month so you would know how to market yourself. This will also give you enough time to really absorb all the lessons.

Will you refer me to clients?

We share job posts exclusive to FVA graduates, but you would need to do the application. In the course, you will be trained on how to approach clients in the right way through your proposal letters and optimized profiles. 

I have full-time work / class.

The videos are pre-recorded. You can watch them anytime. You have access to the lessons 24/7. 

How long will it take to get a client?

It varies. This will be the most realistic answer you can get. A lot of my students get hired before we even finish the course. But this doesn't happen to everyone. Becoming a freelancer doesn't happen overnight, so you would need to show constant determination in order for you to get a client. Others get hired after the course, others take months. But as long as you show your determination, you will get your client. 

How much will I earn in freelancing?

Newbies (no background/no skills before taking the course) usually start with $3/hour. After taking the course, you can start with $4 since you will be learning many skills through our training. Others with existing skills can charge between $5-$10/hour depending on the services they can offer. You control how much you earn. There are full-time positions, part-time, flexible schedule, or project-based positions.

Is there a certificate after the course?

Yes, absolutely, as long as you finish the assignments within the given deadline. And you can use the certificate as your portfolio anywhere since we are DTI and BIR registered.

What are the requirements to qualify for the program?

- At least 18yrs old. Online job platforms require at least 18yrs old to sign up.

- Valid ID (passport is highly recommended) for account verification processes.
- Bank account for online job payment set up.

If you don’t have these requirements and/or if you’re below 18, you can still benefit from the program by learning the skills. But you won't be able to complete the requirements within the course, which will affect your chance of getting a certificate.

Ready to start your Virtual Assistance journey?

Then grab this opportunity to learn and start earning.


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